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RDP is committed to protecting the environment and the planet we pass on to our future generations.

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We have reported our environmental data through CDP for the past 3 years, enabling us to address risks, opportunities, track and benchmark progress, and continue to reduce our environmental impact. In 2023 RDP Creative have been awarded a B rating for our work to combat climate change.

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 We saved 10 tonnes of plastic for one client in our 1st year of actioning this in 2019. 

We have removed single use plastic from over 95% of our products.

The majority of our shipments use Sea and Road freight to reduce our carbon footprint.


We bulk pack our goods where possible to eliminate any unnecessary packaging. Paper tape has replaced all tape on our shipments.

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Butter_Beer_Comparison_2_2 copy 2_edited.jpg

We consciously work with our clients to achieve the optimal balance between product design and packaging efficiencies to increase the number of items that fit in each carton, to reduce the carbon footprint when shipping. For example, a drinks cup which fits 36 pieces in a carton was redesigned to be stackable and now fits 80 pieces in a carton, reducing the carbon footprint


As part of our sustainability drive, we have become a member of Products Of Change.
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